Forex - Johnson suffered setbacks and the pound rebounded hundreds of points

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    Fundamental review
    With the approaching of October 31, the British Prime Minister Johnson became more and more aware that the possibility of leaving the EU after the agreement with the EU has been declining,
    so he began to prepare for "no agreement to leave the EU." However, on Wednesday, the situation of Brexit is changing again.
    The Johnson Administration and the "rebel" members of the hard-off Brex have once again confronted each other. Originally, Johnson planned to prevent the parliament from obstructing "no agreement to leave the European Union" by extending the parliamentary recess time, but the British parliament shattered Johnson's hard-fashioned fantasy and passed 328 to 301 votes for the opposition and the Conservative Party.
    The proposed motion to prevent Johnson from leaving the EU without a deal made it impossible for Johnson to easily complete the "no agreement to leave the European Union" during the parliamentary recess.

    Forex technical analysis GBPUSD GBP/USD
    After the “bottom divergence” sign on the daily line of Macd, the pair achieved a bottoming out. On the previous trading day, the K line pulled up nearly 200 points. However, it should be noted that the top is still suppressed by the 30-day moving average, so the bullish rebound is expected to be resisted. In the daytime, the key pressure above the MT4 observation is at 1.2310, and if it breaks, it may look further at 1.2370.

    Forex technical analysis XAUUSD gold
    The gold price broke through the shock box on the last trading day and entered the uptrend channel. Today, the Asian market was in early trading, and the price rebounded again by the lower rail support. The initial pressure was at 1547.7 of the Pivot central axis. Intraday investors need to pay attention to the fact that multiple periods of Macd have shown signs of “top divergence” after the Asian market price correction. Therefore, if the price fails to test 1547.7 multiple times, it is necessary to consider using MT4 multiple single departure to prevent rapid price callback.

    Forex technical analysis USDJPY USD/JPY
    Yesterday, the US market, the K line broke through the shock channel, and stepped back to confirm, so in the short term, the bulls may have an advantage. The MT4 observes the 1 hour level, and the cycle averages are re-turned to support, while the Macd returns to the 0-axis after opening the gold fork. In the daytime, it is still possible to consider establishing a short-term multi-storage based on the support below, with an initial support of 106.53 below, further supporting 106.32.

    Focus event
    1.Number of layoffs in the US challenger in August
    2.US ADP employment in August
    3.Number of people claiming unemployment benefits from the US to August 31
    4.US August Markit service industry PMI final value
    5.US July factory order monthly rate
    6.US August ISM non-manufacturing PMI
    7.EIA crude oil inventories for the week from August 30 to August 30

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